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We provide unbreakable telecommunications security. The gold standard powered by our innovation in Quantum Key Distribution.
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Quantum computing: The silent threat looming over cybersecurity.

As soon as the first quantum computer is functional, any data encryption can be broken in real time. Security strategies which are not quantum safe are bound to fail. The quantum cyber threat has arrived and it could invoke damage totaling trillions of US dollars, disrupting not only single companies, but also whole ecosystems and industries.

Become quantum ready and enter securely into the quantum age

81% of UK business leaders expect industry disruption from quantum computing by 2030, according to a study conducted by the National Quantum Computing Centre and Ernst & Young. Due to the exponential scaling power of quantum computers, it will be too late to get ready once they are fully operational.

Now is the time to prepare for the transition and safeguard against risk. Every sector, public or private, is in danger of cyber attacks – industry, governments, public transport, telecommunications, financial institutions, military, healthcare, infrastructure. Already today, information is collected and stored for later decryption, meaning that long-term sensitive data requires protection as soon as possible.

Quantum-safe communication made simple with Quantum Industries

We stand as the sole pioneers in the market with our quantum cryptographic solution based on entangled photons, a technology that provides unbreakable security based on the laws of nature. Our record-breaking quantum state generators together with superconducting detectors create extremely high data rates.

With us as a partner, you are prepared for the quantum era – you won't find any other security system that combats cybersecurity threats with the same rigour and efficiency as the unparalleled products of Quantum Industries.

Our solution is based on 35+ years of scientific work. Join now and get ready for the Q-Day.

Beyond encryption: Maximise security with our QKD devices

Secure your communication with Quantum Key Distribution

Quantum-enabled communication with Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) cryptography provides a crucial advantage in cybersecurity. With unbreakable encryption it ensures confidential and tamper-proof communication, even against advanced computational attacks – for all future. Embrace the unmatched security of QKD for sensitive data transmission.

100% security based on quantum entanglement and the laws of nature

Leveraging quantum entanglement in cryptography provides an unmatched advantage in security. The ultra-strong correlations of quantum states ensure unbreakable encryption, making it resistant to any attack on the channel, even against quantum computers. Embrace this cutting-edge technology for safeguarding sensitive information in the digital age.

Integrate seamlessly into existing infrastructure

Our quantum cryptography solution smoothly integrates into existing communication systems, revolutionizing security without disruption. Compatible with diverse networks and protocols, it eliminates the need for a complete overhaul of infrastructure. Enhance your security effortlessly with our seamless quantum integration.

Quantum Industries technology differentiates in safety and data rate.

Data Rate
BBM92 (entangled photon quantum states) using single photon detectors and advanced fiber optical instruments for multiplexing
Advanced Math Cryptography
Data Rate
Post Quantum Cryptography
BB84 - QKD Protocol
Data Rate
Simple form of QKD using single photon quantum states in a prepare & measure scheme
BBM92 - QKD Protocol
Data Rate
Advanced QKD scheme using entangled photon quantum states using low detector efficiencies

Unmatched excellence in action: Meet the outstanding team and advisory board behind Quantum Industry's revolutionary journey

Our quantum cryptography company stands out with a superb team and a top-class advisory board. With their expertise, we offer unparalleled innovation and excellence in secure communication solutions. Trust in our exceptional team to deliver cutting-edge cryptographic solutions for your needs.
CEO, Founder
Felix Tiefenbacher
Felix’s entrepeneurial passion is shown by his role as CEO & Founder of HELIOVIS, where he established a groundbreaking solar technology enterprise over the course of 15 years. Before his efforts of advancing sustainable energy solutions, he directed a startup in quantum cryptography for two years with Nobel laureate Prof. Zeilinger. Felix’s time as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the internationally renowned quantum research center IQOQI in Vienna gives further proof of his scientific aptitude.
CEO, Founder
Rupert Ursin
Rupert is a world-renowned quantum scientist, having assumed the roles of CEO & Founder at qtlabs, where his endeavors concentrated on pioneering research, development, engineering, and consultation in the realm of space-based quantum communication for 3 years. During his time as Senior Group Leader and Deputy Director at the Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI) in Vienna, he took a leading role in international quantum communications research.
Senior Advisor, Founder
Thomas Scheidl
Thomas is an outstanding quantum scientist with an impressive publication track record. Before working as CEO & Founder at qtlabs together with Rupert for 3 years, he pushed the boundaries of quantum communication systems during his 8 years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at IQOQI. Another highlight in his research career was his 4-year involvement with Quantum Experiments at Space Scale.
Head of Prod. Development & Production, Founder
Thomas Heine
Thomas, an expert in engineering and manufacturing, presided over Research and Development, Production, and Technical Procurement at XARION Laser Acoustics for 9 years. During his 11-year tenure as a Product Manager at TOPTICA Photonics, he was responsible for the development and miniaturization of laser-based innovations, which are currently being utilized in a plethora of quantum applications.
Senior Research Engineer
Mirela Selimovic
Mirela is a dedicated young quantum scientist. She acquired extensive know-how and experience in quantum optics, working as a student and researcher in the laboratories of the Institute of Quantum Optics and Quantum Information, followed by a praedoc university assistant position at the University of Vienna. Her research expertise makes her a valuable asset to QI’s development of secure communication infrastructures.
Senior Research Engineer
Sebastian Neumann
Sebastian dedicated 8 years of his professional journey as a PhD Student and Research Assistant to the development of QKD systems at IQOQI. After graduation, he worked as Senior Research Engineer at qtlabs for one years, where he was responsible for the development of prototypes and in-house research. His real-world implementations of photonic entanglement systems hold two world records.

Advisory Board

Serial deep-tech Entrepreneur, (Quantum) Investor and Physicist
Hermann Hauser
Hermann is a true pioneer in technological innovation and entrepreneurship. He is an Austrian engineer, investor and entrepreneur located in the United Kingdom.
He played a major role in developing the start-up ecosystem of the British Silicon Valley, in Austria he co-founded I.E.C.T.-Hermann Hauser.
He is well known for setting up Acorn Computers, a computer company valued at GBP 200m five years after creation and founding Amadeus Capital Partners later on. Hermann is currently invested in various start-ups which deal with quantum technologies.
Hermann holds a degree in Physics from Universität Wien and received a PHD from Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge.
Serial (Software) Entrepreneur and Start-up Investor
Christian Federspiel
Christian co-founded Cloudflight, a full-service provider for digital information and grew the company to more than 350 employees. In 2019 Deutsche Beteiligungs AG invested in this business reaching 1,000 employees by now.
He founded Findus Ventures with a clear investment focus on clean mobility and new space (i.e. satellite communication) making six investments so far. Among others a satellite data pipeline business, a space-to-cloud data and analytics provider, a thermal infrared data platform and a provider of remote sensing.
Christian holds a degree in IT from University of Linz.
Former Google Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Vice President, Investor
Gerhard Eschelbeck
Gerhard is a well-regarded information technology executive with strong operational and strategic experience. He has launched innovative and successful companies and has built high-performance multi-national teams.
Gerhard was invited to present his research in information security to the U.S. Congress and is a frequent speaker at major industry conferences.
He served as Google’s CISO from 2014 to 2019 and on Deutsche Bank’s supervisory board from 2017 to 2022. Gerhard is a frequent contributor to the SANS Top 20 expert consensus, identifying the most critical cyber risks. Gerhard holds a PHD in computer science from the University of Linz, Austria.
Global Business Leader in Telecommunications, Media and Content
Hannes Ametsreiter
Hannes is a former CEO of Vodafone Germany and Member of the Global Executive Board of Vodafone Group and former Group CEO of Telekom Austria. In his Vodafone position he served one the board of the world’s largest telcos with operations in 21 countries and headed the biggest Opco in the Group.
He looks back at 26 years of telecommunications background, was Board member of GSM Association and is also a reputable Tech Investor.
"When it comes to Quantum Tech, the guys from Vienna have been world leaders in research for years and now have a realistic chance of becoming one of the world market leaders in production and sales. Only then will you transfer data securely, even against future generations of hackers with access to unlimited resources."
Hannes Ametsreiter
Advisory Board Member
"Quantum technology and deriving processing power will be a huge challenge for existing security, encryption and communication systems. The company 'Quantum Industries' with their unique technology will protect against these threats and make sure to lift security of communication and data exchange to the highest possible level for industry, politics and business."
Christian Federspiel
Advisory Board Member

Quantum-Safe Communication Made Simple with Quantum Industries

Our quantum cryptography company stands out with a superb team and a top-class advisory board. With their expertise, we offer unparalleled innovation and excellence in secure communication solutions. Trust in our exceptional team to deliver cutting-edge cryptographic solutions for your needs.
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