Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) Countdown Clock

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Have you heard about the Cloud Security Alliance's (CSA) countdown clock to QuantumDay?

The CSA has launched a countdown to April 14, 2030, predicting the date when quantum computers will be able to compromise current cybersecurity systems. This countdown is intended to highlight the urgent need for new cybersecurity measures. Jim Reavis, co-founder of CSA, emphasizes the immediate and future risks posed by quantum computers to encrypted data and advocates the early adoption of quantum security solutions. Bruno Huttner of the Quantum-safe Security Working Group (QSWG) suggests combining quantum-resistant algorithms with quantum key distribution (QKD) to build a secure infrastructure.

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What do you think of its realism - is it a clear goal to prepare for a game changer, or does it seem too far-fetched or distant to consider?

At Quantum Industry we are preparing to secure data just as we enter a new era of computing - the “Quantum Computing Era” - that will change the world we live in.

Stay informed and stay ahead of the curve.

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